Applying for a Visitor Period

Be sure to read through the Visit Us page. Then, all we need is a letter from you (the questions below serve as a guide and it is best to address each question in some way, some people simply copy and paste the questions and add their answers). After we receive your letter, our membership team will be in contact with you about setting up a visitor period. Please be patient when waiting for a reply!

The questionnaire, once completed, should be emailed to

If you are a family applying for membership please see our Family Visitor page.

If you are interested in membership, be aware that the visitor period is the first step toward becoming a provisional member, but is not a guarantee that you will be able to remain at East Wind afterward. Visitors may be bounced by 15% of full members at any point during the three weeks. Visitors must complete the labor requirements (35 hours per week) for 3 weeks to be eligible to become a provisional member. Housing shortages may require a new provisional member to wait until a room opens up so they can return to East Wind. Read more about our path to full membership here.

Letter of Introduction

Please answer the following questions. Your visitor letter will be publicly posted for current community members to read ahead of your arrival.

  • Section 1: Personal Information
    • What is your full legal name as well as nickname if you would prefer?
    • What is your current age and birth date?
    • What gender do you identify with? What are your pronouns?
    • Where are you coming from?
    • Do you have any children or are you currently married?
    • Do you currently have any pets? If yes and you want to become a member here, realize that you must get 2/3rds of the current membership to accept your pet into the community (nice, quiet, well trained pets are usually welcomed). Pets are not allowed on visitor periods.
    • How did you learn about East Wind?
  • Section 2: Tell us about yourself (include answers to the following questions)
    • Why do you want to visit community, and why East Wind in particular? Have you spent time at any other communities before?
    • Where have you lived in the past?
    • What is your education history?
    • What are the work or studies you are you involved with currently?
    • What is your work/ volunteer history?
    • What skills do you have? How accomplished are you in those skill sets?
    • What are your your hobbies and interests? How do you spend your free time?
    • What are your self care practices?
    • What are your vices, if any?
    • Describe your experiences working/ living with others.
    • How do you handle interpersonal conflict?
    • What motivates you?
  • Section 3: Labor at East Wind
    • From day one you are accountable for 5 hours of labor each day you are at East Wind, and it will be your responsibility to find work. This involves being self-motivated and comfortable approaching managers who you may want to work with. Do you feel like you will have the ability to jump right in?
    • Do you have any health problems that would make manual labor difficult?
    • What kind of work are you interested in at East Wind? What kind of work are you not interested in?
    • Our nut butter business is our main stream of income. Although most work is self-determined, all East Wind members have a required Industrial Quota, or IQ, each week (typically 3- 8 hours). Are you capable of working in a factory regularly, were you to become a member? (As a visitor, IQ will not be required, but you will have an introduction to the factory and are encouraged to participate in cleans or shifts).
  • Section 3: Details
    • Please describe in full detail any medical conditions you may have.
    • Please describe in full detail any mental health conditions you may have.
    • Have you ever been in a treatment center? If so, for what?
    • Have you ever been hospitalized? If so, for what?
    • Are you currently taking any medications? If so, for what and what are they?
    • Do you have any allergies or specific dietary needs?
    • Please give us a way you can be reached prior to your visit as well as full emergency contact information in case of an emergency during your visit.
    • Past trouble with the law will not disqualify you from a visitor period or membership, but we expect honesty and such things will come to light, in any case. Please describe in full detail your criminal record, if any.
    • Do you receive any outside income— such as social security, disability, child support, pension plan, etc.— and if so, would you be comfortable turning that income over to community for the duration of your membership after becoming a full member?
    • Do you have any debt?
  • Section 4: Membership at East Wind
    • Have you read and agree with our bylaws?
    • Are you interested in full membership at East Wind? You can read our full legislation relevant to membership and visitor status here.
    • What is your first, second, and third choice of visitor period? (each visitor period begins on the first Monday of each month)
    • Please feel free to add any additional things you think we should know about yourself or your situation.

All letters of introduction are publicly posted for the community to read. This is our way to learn a little about the people we will be sharing our home with before their arrival.

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