Outdoor Recreation

Check out the Our Land physical features page and the map of our land to get a more visual feel for where we live.

IMG_0496The Creek

Lick Creek wraps around our pasture lands and essentially makes a large ‘U’ around community before flowing into Norfork Lake.  The creek is an incredibly popular spot to hang out during all seasons.  There are various spots along the creek, including Ford Camp, the Swimming Hole, the Sweat Lodge, and the Canoe Launch.  The Swimming Hole and Ford Camp are just a five minute walk from Rock Bottom.

Hiking and Camping

East Wind’s land consists mainly of wilderness, with various trails blazed by members former and current. The community owns and leases 1100 acres (about 400 acres of the land is that which borders Lick Creek and we lease it from the Army Corps of Engineers). From any of our buildings its a minute walk and you can find yourself lost in the woods. It’s no exaggeration to call this place a nature-lover’s paradise, and sundry books on local flora and fauna (a few compiled by members!) can be found across the community. This land is enjoyed by everyone ranging from those wishing for just an hour’s solitude in the forest to groups setting out to backpack and camp for days at a time.

East Winders commonly go on canoe float trips using the community’s canoes and canoe trailer. Missouri has a plethora of waterways that are maintained by the Missouri Department of Conservation (one of the nation’s first and best) that are easily driveable from East Wind. Multiple park locations of Mark Twain National Forest are within two hours of East Wind as well.

June 2016 084

Jack’s Fork, an hour drive from East Wind

float (4)

Jam Up Cave on Jack’s Fork

Hunting and Fishing

East Winders may hunt in accordance with local fish and game laws for our land. Members may even claim labor hours for this, as long as they bring back meat for a community meal. Deer, turkey, and mushrooms (morels and Chicken of the Woods are particularly popular for meals) are the most popular prey for hunters here.  The number of nearby lakes and canoe access to a number of creeks is great for fishermen as well.


Parties at East Wind are usually outdoors with a large fire to gather around. People socialize freely, partake of home-brewed beers or kombucha provided through the Recreation budget, and spontaneously perform music throughout the night. It’s common for friends of the membership or ex-members to show up at these parties or for traveling musicians to stop by and perform.website photos (40 of 77)

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