Our Buildings and Shared Spaces

Rock Bottom (RB)

Rock Bottom, built in 1976, houses East Wind’s main kitchen and dining facilities. Community meals are prepared here. RB includes a wide range of cooking appliances and kitchenware. RB has three refrigerators inside and there is a large walk-in fridge just ten steps outside the kitchen where the majority of produce and dairy are stored. RB is also home to most of our community message boards and a popular hangout spot; it is very likely the most frequented building in community.


The front porch of RB



Siren, the RB cat



The backboard where communication of all types takes place

Hammocks (HMX)

Hammocks is a large open room in the Enterprise building (which also houses our offices, commie computers, and shipping space) where East Winders used to handcraft hammocks for Twin Oaks. East Wind has transitioned away from the hammocks business to focus on the more profitable Nut Butters business and currently only a handful of hammocks are made for seasonal demand. This room is now used as our movie theater and game room. There is an HD projector for watching movies and shows. A pool table, air hockey table, ping pong table, and foosball table are also available for anyone to use in HMX.

REIM houses the laundry room, Foopin (the food processing space), and the Music Room.



Music Studio

The music studio is a new space that hosts the weekly Thursday jam night. Musicians who want to record themselves or would like to create their own electronic music are free to use the wide array of available equipment.



Our showerhouse is a small building with a sink and two showers in a shared stall. With two water heaters there is usually plenty of hot water. Annares has a private bathroom with its own shower and Fanshen has an outside shower (cold water only) that is walled for privacy. Lilliput also has a private bathroom.

Exercise Room

The exercise room is equipped with benches, mats, a punching bag, weights, yoga mats, and bars.

General Shop

The general shop has a table saw, chop saw, joiner, planer, drill press, other pieces of equipment, plentiful tools and supplies to get projects done. Countless things have been crafted in this space. Whether it is a new cart for community’s use or a nice shelf for personal use the general shop is the place to get woodworking projects done.



Auto Shop

The auto shop is fully equipped to service the many vehicles in East Wind’s fleet.


Metal Shop

The metal shop has all the tools necessary to manipulate metal. This space is often used for maintenance projects across the farm. Anyone experienced is free to use the various Bridgeport and Cincinnati machines as well as all the other equipment and supplies inside.


Talented machinist Don at work in the metal shop







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