Dormitories and Personal Shelters


There are currently four main residences and nine personal shelters in which East Wind’s members reside. Fanshen and Annares are the two largest dorms. Fanshen, built in 1975, is a twenty-one room residence, while Annares houses ten. Annares includes a shared downstairs area with a kitchen, shower, living room, and an extensive community library. All rooms in dorms have electricity and heat.

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There are currently three Small Living Groups in three separate buildings: Greyhaven, Sunnyside, and Lilliput. Members who desire to live in one of these buildings must obtain permission from all current residents of the group minus one. Greyhaven is a small living group for those who prefer quiet and calm and houses five; Sunnyside is a ten room residence for those who enjoy noise, excitement, and frequent parties.

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Lilliput, built in 1977, is a residence established for children and families. Lilliput houses a dozen people and includes a kitchen, living room, play space, and home schooling room. Lilliputians also enjoy a nice backyard with a garden, sandbox, kids’ pool, and small playground. There are two other playgrounds elsewhere in community.




Personal Shelters & Guesthouse

The nine personal shelters include five single residences (Northwatch, the Yurt, Anarchia, The Aviary, and Further) and four double shelters (the Dome, the Arc, Gitchigumi, and Rivendale). Personal shelters are small abodes located in the woods surrounding community proper; most are simple living and sleeping spaces with outhouses, though some include extremely basic kitchen set ups. Some personal shelters have electricity while others operate on solar panels or without electricity completely. All use wood stoves for heat.




Gitchigumi aka ‘The Gitch’


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Rivendale (not to be confused with ‘Rivendell’)


The Lighthouse is a beautiful little cabin in the woods bordering our Golden Valley. It serves as a guesthouse and a retreat for members. Members are able to sign out the Lighthouse for visiting friends and family on a first come first serve basis.

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The Lighthouse

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