Liesel brings the cows from the pasture to the dairy barn

East Wind is currently self-sufficient in cow milk year round and seasonally for several other dairy products.  Our dairy barn, completed in 2011, and the driving passion of some very dedicated East Winders have created an environment for an efficient and well maintained community scale dairy operation.  Fresh, raw, organic milk is quite the luxury in the city, but at East Wind it is just another one of the healthful and nutritious foods we take for granted.

Everyday there is a morning and evening milking shift, one for cows and one for the goats.  The fresh, raw milk is brought up the hill from the pastures and goes directly into our walk-in refrigerator. Periods of high milk production bring with them plenty of cheeses, yogurt, and butter.  There are five dairy cows in milking rotation currently (as of June 2016): Marmalade, Josephine, Jackie Brown, Peggy Sue, and Maybelline.  The small size of this operation allows us to treat our dairy animals like beloved pets.


Leif washing off Peggy Sue before she gets milked

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