Communal Culture in the Ozarks

Living in a rural intentional community is an invigorating experience incomparable to urban living. We have no bosses. We set our own rules and actively engage in self-governance. This great level of autonomy allows each of us to live spontaneously as well as assume the responsibilities we desire to take on. Running a multi-million dollar food manufacturing business as our primary ‘profession’ and having a hobby farm for our own enjoyment and benefit makes East Wind a unique living situation. Our labor system allows members to strike the balance preferred between industry and domestic labor tasks. The high quality of life our industry provides allows us plenty of time to pursue our favorite creative, agricultural, and recreational photos (46 of 77)

East Wind’s culture is difficult to categorize or describe to someone unfamiliar with secular income-sharing communities. Since its founding in 1974, East Wind has easily seen over one thousand different people live here. The culture is largely dependent upon the group of people who happen to be currently living here. Each generation brings with them a shift in the culture, whether it be big or small. Currently, there are over seventy people living at East Wind, and half of East Wind’s adult members are age 30 or under.

The majority of East Winders are excited about producing their own food and energy. We produce our own dairy products and raise our own cattle, pigs, and chickens. Our gardens and orchards are large and growing, encompassing over four acres of land. Cheesemaking, beer brewing, buttermaking, butchering, gardening, food processing and preserving, and mushroom hunting are some of the activities you are bound to find an East Winder involved in on any given day.  We try to take a holistic approach to land management and keep the vast majority of our nearly 1,200 acres as undeveloped forest.  The foods we do not grow, such as staple grains, coconut and olive oil, avocados, bananas, and quite a few others we purchase in bulk. We aim to become more self-reliant every year, but we also have all the modern amenities that grid electricity, propane and internet allow for. website photos (13 of 77)

The cultural atmosphere of East Wind is one of solid work ethos and diverse social scenes. We have the spontaneous: campfires, poker nights, and swimming or canoeing in the creek on a summer day. We’ve got the more scheduled events: yoga classes, weekly jam night in our new music studio, as well as monthly holiday parties. There is a lot going on here, even if we may not have to time to post about it everyday!

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East Wind on May Day Spring 2016

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