Visiting East Wind

If you are interested in visiting East Wind please don’t hesitate to send us an email or a letter.  We are always excited to see new faces and meet new people.  Whether you are looking for a little adventurous excursion for three weeks or are curious to live here we know that you will have a great time and will welcome you into our home.  For a weekend or for the full three week Visitor Period, give us a shout and we can help you make arrangements.

Visitor Periods

Visitor Periods begin the first Monday of every month of the warm season (December, January, and February typically do not have visitor periods) and last for three weeks. If you’d like to schedule a visitor period please send in a Letter of Introduction and begin a conversation with our Membership team. See the bottom of this page for more information on doing a Visitor Period at East Wind.

During this time, a visitor is expected to work a full labor quota (35 hours a week), attend visitor orientations, and participate in community. Shorter visits can be arranged, but membership can only be considered after the completion of the standard three week Visitor Period.

We do not allow ‘drop-ins.’ We have a relatively large population, and because of space constraints, we need to coordinate how many people we have visiting at any one time. A drop in will be turned away and asked to contact membership to schedule a visitor period.


Typically, all male visitors room together in their own building called the Man Hut and all female visitors room together in a shared room called Sunburst in the Annares dormitory.  Annares has its own kitchen and private shower.  The Man Hut is centrally located in community, being very close to both the main shower house and our dining hall (RB).  Both of these living spaces are non-smoking and although they are not luxurious they meet most visitor’s needs.


The Man Hut


One of the most important things to understand before arriving is that you may find life at East Wind to be very different from life in mainstream society. The fewer preconceptions a person has before visiting, the easier it will be to adjust to our lifestyle.

The majority of East Winders are excited to see new faces on the farm and will be friendly to you.  It is important to keep in mind that over seventy different people live here and each member acts differently when meeting new people on any given day.  Take time to observe daily social interactions and don’t feel pressure to make friends with everyone you meet initially.  Don’t take anything someone says too seriously and if you are confused about anything you can always talk to our membership team.

If you are curious and have questions please email and our Membership team will help you out. If you are interested in a three week Visitor Period, click here.


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