Food Processing

With large gardens, beef cows, pigs, chickens, and plentiful deer there is a lot of work that needs to be done to process and preserve various food surpluses throughout the year. This is where FooPin comes in. The Food Processing area (FooPin) is a labor area as well as dedicated work space for the processing of vegetable and animal products.

Liesel and Mardock beginning on a deer they hunted as Indo and Roxy discuss mammal anatomy.

Butchering season is during the winter and vegetable processing season has its peak in summer and early fall. People of all experiences are encouraged to plug in and help learn about food preservation. In the course of a winter someone with no experience and plenty of dedication can learn how to break down a pig, deer or cow from start to finish.

(note from Sumner March 1st, 2018: this is a relatively new page on the website and still being worked on, more pictures and video to come!)

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