Harvest House Show in Springfield

Hot Missoury, The Violet Lockets, and Creek Stink played at The Harvest House in Springfield this past Saturday. Harvest House Creation Space is now just over one year old and has hosted a number of events from house shows to sewing workshops. About ten East Winders drove through a heavy thunderstorm to make the event. Flooded roads and washed away bridges did not deter the local music lovers. East Wind’s own Petey has been playing a fiddle accompaniment with Creek Stink for over a month. The Ozark County trio recorded a shared 45 single with Hot Missoury at Wee Rock Records in Springfield the day of the show. Hot Missoury is taking an extended break as their percussionist is soon to have a newborn. Creek Stink and Petey will be playing a free show in the Gainesville square this upcoming Saturday, May 6th. The show was a lot of fun (scroll over pictures to see captions)! Thank you for a great time, Harvest House!

Post and pictures by Sumner


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