Fanshen Overhaul

Update photo:

Nearly done!


For the past six weeks the Building Maintenance crew has been busy renovating Fanshen, East Wind’s largest dorm. Building Maintenance manager Brandon has been leading crews replacing the roof, removing the old wood siding, installing new composite siding, installing new windows where appropriate, and completely replacing one of the building’s porches.


The project has been an excellent opportunity to learn about structure maintenance for members, visitors, and working guests who are interested. The multiple decades of combined experience among the Building Maintenance crew has made this major project go quite smoothly with no long delays. The unseasonably warm weather has allowed for many nice days to work outside and no resident of Fanshen has had to worry about being too cold.dsc_8341 The roofing and siding part of the project are complete. The porch and some small tasks remain to be finished in the next couple weeks.  dsc_8431

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, everyone!

Post written by Sumner

Pictures by Virgil


  1. Looks great! Nice work!

  2. Very nice

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