RB Floor Renovation

Rock Bottom (RB), our main kitchen and dining hall, is enjoying a sparkling new floor thanks to Building Maintenance superheroes B and Beckie and the work of many others.


The height of the disarray.

During the three weeks of plywood cutting and running new waterlines inside RB all the necessary kitchen equipment was placed outside. This outside kitchen setup and East Wind’s festival tent served us well, but we are all happy to have our main kitchen space back and in better working order than ever!





Ish and General Contractor Nara assess the progress being made.

Upon completion of the floor we didn’t miss the opportunity to have a dance party in the kitchen before setting everything back into place. It held up fantastically and hopefully won’t need replacement for decades to come. The new kitchen layout has made a much more efficient use of the space resulting in better traffic flow of people through the kitchen and less frustration for those cooking and baking. Thank you to everyone who helped!


The completed floor right before bringing everything back in and getting the new plumbing installed.

Post Written by Sumner

Photos by Virgil

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  1. Looks amazing! Great job guys!

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