End of Spring Garden Update

Posted by Sumner, Garden Manager

As summer comes in full force let’s have a quick photo tour of some of our garden so far this year. We have Indian Runner ducks in the Lower Garden for their superior foraging abilities and we hope to get some decent eggs from them.

June 2016 011

Indian Runner ducks the first day out of their nursery

201 001

The ducks in the second week of June, they grow fast!

The first week of June we were harvesting delicious early slicer variety tomatoes from our high tunnel. It also has produced a huge amount of early broccoli and zucchini. Just this past week sweet peppers have been coming in.

201 027

201 026

Our ‘outside’ tomato rows in the Lower Garden. You can see the high tunnel in the background. This year we are experimenting with having grass paths that we mow on a weekly basis.

Garlic is currently being harvested and cured and we just finished getting all the watermelons and musk melon rows prepared. This has already been a record harvest year for many crops and we think that is likely to continue. Thanks to everyone who has helped out!


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      Currently, we are at ‘population capacity’ of seventy three members and there is a short waiting list to become a member. The waiting list fluctuates quite a bit throughout the year. We are always excited to welcome energetic visitors to come check it out. If you are interested in membership you can do a Visitor period and then you are free to defer for over a year to give you time to decide. You can email ew.membership@gmail.com for more info on Visitor periods and membership.


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