March Potato Plantings

The East Wind garden crew took advantage of a nice warm day in mid March to complete the second and final potato patch for this season.  The first patch was planted in early March and consisted primarily of Caribe potatoes saved for seed from last season.  The second patch was a mix of two purple potato varieties, Purple Majesty and Purple Viking, as well as Kennebec.


Preparing seed potatoes for planting. We had saved potatoes for seed from last year as well as purchased Purple Majesty and Purple Viking varieties to experiment with this year.


Petey, East Wind garden manager    Potato2


Photo of first potato planting. Lil Will and Winter setting tubers. Our new high tunnel can be seen in the background, paid for by a $7,000 grant from the state. You can also see our mobile chicken coops.


Photo of first potato planting. Pictured are Richard, Felix (garden dog!), Petey, and Autumn hoeing in the potato trenches. In the background you can see East Wind’s dairy barn.

Springtime is the time for new beginnings and there are plenty of things going on in East Wind’s community gardens.  The garden crew is most excited to put to use our new high tunnel (or hoophouse) that allows us to extend the growing season and have fresh greens and brassicas for a greater part of the year.

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