Where’d the blog posts go?

You might have noticed that we haven’t been posting blog posts lately.

It’s not that East Wind is no longer here, we very much are. We are very blessed, especially in the time of Covid, and have been mostly unaffected by the pandemic thus far. We discontinued our visitor periods for a few months, but then started them back up again in July.

The lack of blog posts is due to Sumner, their author, taking a leave of absence and no other East Winder feeling called to write them.

While I, too, do not feel the call of blog post writing, I have been running social media accounts for East Wind. If you’re interested in what’s been going on in our community, you’ll find frequent updates there. We have both Instagram and Facebook accounts, both @eastwindcommunity.


  1. I’m very interested in learning more about your way of life. I think it’s beautiful and a great idea.

  2. Way to shift the blame, Boone! <3

    Yes, don't forget the East Wind Community YouTube channel.

  3. so thrilled to see you all doing well. i am happy you are not affected by covid. are phone calls to EW main office to ask questions ok? or do you prefer virtual inquiries? im in an environment where internet access is not frequent- baltimore md. thank you

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