Where’d the blog posts go?

You might have noticed that we haven’t been posting blog posts lately.

It’s not that East Wind is no longer here, we very much are. We are very blessed, especially in the time of Covid, and have been mostly unaffected by the pandemic thus far. We discontinued our visitor periods for a few months, but then started them back up again in July.

The lack of blog posts is due to Sumner, their author, taking a leave of absence and no other East Winder feeling called to write them.

While I, too, do not feel the call of blog post writing, I have been running social media accounts for East Wind. If you’re interested in what’s been going on in our community, you’ll find frequent updates there. We have both Instagram and Facebook accounts, both @eastwindcommunity.


  1. I’m very interested in learning more about your way of life. I think it’s beautiful and a great idea.

  2. Way to shift the blame, Boone! <3

    Yes, don't forget the East Wind Community YouTube channel.

  3. so thrilled to see you all doing well. i am happy you are not affected by covid. are phone calls to EW main office to ask questions ok? or do you prefer virtual inquiries? im in an environment where internet access is not frequent- baltimore md. thank you

  4. I was really saddened when I saw that the blog posts had stopped. It compounded my stress and anxiety around COVID. Reading this blog has been fuel for my day dreams since high school. I am glad that all is well. Thank you for sharing the social media accounts. I had planned to visit this last winter but I felt called to run for public office to stop a multi billion dollar company from quarrying in my hometown. I was elected this year at the age of 22. I hope to visit East Wind in the summer of 2022. Thank you Summer for working on this blog. It helped me.

    • Hey Jesse,
      Thanks for reaching out. Really means a lot! Congratulations on the new position. Good luck in the battle against greed. Maybe we will meet at EW someday.

  5. I missed the AMA for Boone Wheeler, a member of East Wind. But I have so many questions!! Please help (anyone).

    Chiefly I have 2 questions:

    I have done some research on East Wind, and it seems that acts of labor such as teaching a fellow community member to dance or cooking a meal are given the same “weight” as taming the overgrown garden in the greenhouse or fencing/difficult ranching work. In recent videos, the garden in the greenhouse is very much overgrown (one entrance is completely impassible), and Ishmael also stated that there aren’t enough members willing to do difficult fencing work or other ranch upkeep.

    My question is: would you ever reconsider the “weight” of tasks so that more undesirable tasks receive credit for, let’s say, 2 times the amount of credit received for milking a cow or making a meal? I personally have done fencing work (when I was a 17 y/o 99 lb. girl) and it is intense- the heavy wire gave me a back injury and the actual metal post-driver that needs to be slammed on top of the posts to drive them into the ground is pretty tough. I am not insulting people who make meals or milk cows: I personally love those tasks and find them very healing! I just wonder if it would help your community to incentivize more difficult tasks to assign.

    2. I have noticed that the managers in your nut butter “factory” (I think too highly of your operation to use the term factory), the managers in your dairy, and your General Manager over East Wind are typically male gendered. I also noticed in some videos with men and women that mostly the men spoke and the women sat and nodded, occasionally adding phrases like “yes, that’s true.”

    I understand that these positions are elected by egalitarian members, but are there ways that you try to nominate women to positions of respect/ responsibility in your community?

    I can predict your response: “Well, women don’t typically step forward in elections for positions of authority such as management roles due to pre-existing stigmas we are working to dismantle.” or “Well, we are an egalitarian community and therefore all members are worthy of respect- being a manager should not equate to respect here or anywhere else.” ALL WORTHY POINTS. My main question is: do you find it problematic that men are in management positions mostly and I don’t see women speaking out?

    • The first thing to understand is that no one person can speak for community. So I will only be answering your questions as an individual.

      1) I think it used to be that way. It could be again if someone brought it to meeting and a vote.

      2) There are lots of women managers at East Wind. Arguably the most powerful managership, Finance Manager, has been a woman for the last decade. One of the largest budgets, Kitchen, is a woman manager. Our Building Maintenance manager is a woman. I don’t have access to the manager list right now, but I’d guess it’s roughly 50/50, despite the gender ratio being around 65/35 men to women right now.

      • Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions! It’s good to know that there are some women managers- I love to hear that!
        Also, I have been considering purchasing one of those pre-fab cabin kits- I am wondering if your community has had success with those and if you have any tips for me. Thanks again!

  6. Do you still take new members?

  7. I would really like to visit you guys I have been researching communities alot recently

  8. I have been doing much reasearch on this community, and post-covid I would love to join and become a part of this wonderful community. I was wondering howeer about relationships, if that was also a part of the community, if relationships, male on male, female on female, relationships were allowed. Thank you!

    • Community as such is not involved with personal relationships as long as they are consensual and non-violent. Homosexuality is welcomed at East Wind.

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