Feast, Food, and Winter

We recently celebrated Feast Day. This is our equivalent to Thanksgiving. It was an exciting party that lasted well into a second day. This is our harvest festival, where we celebrate the bounty from our garden. We celebrated by eating sweet potatoes, peppers, kale, and more in various dishes. All grown in our garden which is lovingly worked by community. We also enjoyed venison brought in by members who hunt on our land.

It wouldn’t be a celebration at East Wind without drink. Wine, along with specialty drinks and quality coffee were treats that we don’t often see. Living on the farm, you don’t take for granted this kind of special feast. Everyone was in very high spirits.

Along with Feast Day, we also had Coffee House. This is where those talented in singing, playing, telling stories, or performing entertain community. The stage was set in a cozy space with couches, lights, and laughter. There was a lot of talent shared that night. A lot of East Wind community is very gifted in performing.

Gifted members have also recently come back to East Wind, sharing exotic cheeses from other communities. Our cheese program at East Wind is also picking up in quality. The cheese created here at East Wind has a specific flavor, as anywhere that produces cheese does. Lately the flavor of our cheese has excelled to compete with store bought cheeses, allowing us to buy less from outside sources and produce more here on the farm.

We’re lucky that we live in a place that experiences all four seasons. The season for winter is definitely here, as the days get shorter, grayer, and colder. We all experience it strongly, because most of us spend a lot of time outside. And the time we spend inside is often in close quarters. It’s vital that we celebrate and eat well to stave off the winter blues. We’ll continue to eat Feast Day left-overs, huddle around our wood stoves, and keep that feeling of togetherness that only communal celebration can bring. It’s the little things that will keep all of us happy and healthy through the coming winter.

RB, the heart of community, in a white winter wonderland of the past.


  1. Hi there. I’m planning on moving to Missouri, specifically the Springfield area and I would love to visit sometime. I would also like to know more about the community I’m very interested in living this kind of life. I currently garden and I’ve had goats and chickens in the past. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. ” I guess the food is one of the main reasons I feel luxury and extravagance in my everyday life. I love food. I love to eat. I’m a good eater. Physical labor goes well with an enjoyment of eating, they balance each other out. I am not talking about ‘oh I had the best meal out at dinner last night’. The food here is amazing, as in nourishing, flavorful, and alive. I do feel qualified to describe food in this way. There was money in my life for a significant span of time and I have eaten at fine restaurants and shopped at quality, high end stores. This food is different. And I eat it every day. Every day, for every meal!”
    I imagine someone from your community may enjoy reading about another farm, so here’s an excerpt from a blog entry. I believe my visit to East Wind, with my child, is being arranged thru childbranch and I am eager to experience your farm and community. much love, kari boo

  3. Hello, I was on the farm many years ago. My fiancee and I spent two weeks with you and left and came back for approximately six months to a year. We loved it. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to leave the farm. I recall that I left first, meeting him back in Atlanta, GA about a month later. I don’t even know if anyone I knew then is there. I have seen several friends on facebook, happily married with children in various parts of the country so obviously they are not on the farm. Is it still a two week guest visit process to be “voted” into becoming a member. Do you currently have any openings available. (trhe website I am listing below is an old friend’s, I helped create the site, we did a live program every Friday night – about 3 hours long, me and several other’s – talented musician’s, discussing current political affairs – all the songs on the first album are about me…in a way. The creator of this gig, is a talented pianist. Check it out if you get the chance, it has changed, vastly since we started. No more live programs. Thank you in advance for your time.

  4. Clifford Browne

    What I have seen so far, I like and I’m looking at escaping the hustle and bustle, dog eat dog world of Houston, where I live now. I’m a visual artist and guitarist (I started playing guitar now for a year and I’m still practicing) and I’m looking for people to jam with or do some artwork.

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