Summer/Fall Update

It’s been a while since the last blog post, but East Wind has been thriving. We had a lovely Ozark summer. The days were hot and humid and the nights warm and friendly. The ticks, mosquitos, and chiggers kept us itchy as usual. Our beautiful creek helped us beat the heat though.

Our agricultural programs continued to flourish, with Ranch and Garden producing a lot of food for us.

We had a lovely Fall Equinox community party. There was food and drinks, music and dancing, and a great big bonfire.

As part of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC), East Wind trades labor with other FEC communities, and were very happy to host five communards from our sister community, Twin Oaks. They were a big help around the farm, and were able to join us for our Equinox party!

Two of our beloved cos, Airik and Shannell, got married here in the middle of October. They had a lovely ceremony down at their personal shelter, Rivendell. Congratulations you guys!

Our Building Maintenance team rebuilt and expanded one of Annares’ stairways, adding some nice decks to it.

Airik honcho’d a big expansion to our bike shed.


  1. Greetings East Wind Family!
    I love what I’m viewing! I live in upstate New York, and your life style or rather your style of life seems so calm with a great peacefulness. Peace and Blessings to you all!

  2. I’m an ex-engineer from the oilfield that has gone back to building beatiful structures and remodels because i couldn’t stand to destroy mother earth for a living any longer. I would love to bring my skill set and family to your community. Is this a possibility?

  3. Kristin Elizabeth Kandt

    wow how do I make a reservation to visit you all for at least a week and help out? I live in kc. If it’s really cold in the winter months I will have to wait until summer as I have an immune disorder – but would love to come in the winter asap. Thanks….I buy your products to support your group – love your work!

  4. Hello my name is Amanda I live in Australia. I found your YouTube channel and was wondering if you will be post more videos on there. I loved watching the cheese making ones 😊🌺 I would really like to know what other awesome stuff you all do.

    • Hi Amanda, great to hear! There may be more videos on the future, but probably not for a long while (if ever!). I am no longer on the farm and I was the only one making them. Glad you enjoyed them =)

  5. I would like to visit your community. I am 67 years old and live on an acre and a quarter in Archer Florida. I receive social security Medicare benefits. I am a retired secondary math and physics teacher. Before becoming a teacher I worked as a machinist and millwright.

    I have been a socialist for a very long time. In 1980 I ran for Congress for the Socialist Labor Party. I am very interested in the establishment of socialist communities and networks of cooperatives, and I’m hopeful that these efforts could be expedited within the context of the proposal for a green new deal.

    I am interested in gardening, but don’t claim to be particularly good at it. I also have an idea for an online English School that would create a curriculum that would advance the ideals of socialist community and cooperativism. I have lived and worked in Brazil and China, and I own a small resort in central Brazil, and I spend about half my time there.

    I would love to be involved in organizing a socialist community in Central Florida. I am interested in aquaponics, and cultivation of mushrooms, and also rustic wood work. Though old, I’m still pretty strong, and can do heavy physical work. I would love to visit and contribute with my labor and ideas. I am hoping to interest you in new projects. I would like to visit in October. My 2nd choice would be April 2021, and 3rd choice May 2021.

    I am single. I was hospitalized in 2016 for an aeortic valve replacement, but the problem was resolved and I’m in good health.
    352 317 8623

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