Spring Update

This spring has been cool and consistently moist. Luckily, the garden crew was able to get four consecutive dry days to get everything out of the greenhouse and into the fields. The strawberry harvest is getting into full swing this week and the number of yummy smoothies being consumed has increased proportionately.

Greens, beets (very poor germination this year), bush beans, and the summer squash and zucchini under the remay (for insect protection).
There are about ten ducks living in the lower garden.
Tomatoes, tomatillos, sweet peppers, potatoes, dent corn, and winter squash are planted in these patches.

The hoophouse has been producing excellently. The first zucchinis were harvested this past week. The gardeners are eagerly awaiting the first tomatoes and peppers of the season.

PT and Cody preparing a bed in the hoop house for tomatoes. Bush beans and greens on the left with squash, cabbage, and peppers on the right.

This May Day marked the forty fifth anniversary of East Wind Community’s founding as a not for profit organization in the state of Missouri. There was plenty of music and I was fortunate enough to film an interview with Jim Adams, an early member who had lived at East Wind from 1977 through 1987. On the day of Beltane itself there was quite a bit of rain, but not enough to dampen spirits. Some festivities, such as dancing around the Maypole, were postponed. People played volleyball and frisbee and in the evening there were smores around the fire. Thank you to everyone who helped setup this year!

Preparing for the two day forty fifth anniversary May Day celebration.

Alexis of Living Energy Farm came to visit for a couple nights after installing DC solar arrays with nickel iron batteries for destitute, off grid people living in the deserts of Arizona. The funds to purchase the solar energy equipment and his travel expenses were covered through donations and fundraisers. Alexis showcased the nickel iron battery technology (comparing it to the shortcomings of lithium ion battery technology) and shared his experiences with off grid DC motors.

Alexis of LEF presenting a nickel iron battery array and speaking on the current state of the world’s energy situation and environmental crises.

We have nearly one hundred freshly plugged shiitake logs behind Rock Bottom (RB), our dining hall. The building maintenance crew has successfully finished the nearly complete overhaul of Foopin (the food processing space). East Wind has also hired a local roofing crew to help keep up with building maintenance this year. There are plenty of building projects in consideration right now and there are many opportunities to learn some serious building skills right now.

Beauxb and PT plugging the last of the shiitake logs.
The newly renovated Foopin! (food processing space)

I have completed a number of new videos and have seen some good traction on the East Wind Community YouTube channel. I make blogs and videos when I feel inspired to do so. Comments and suggestions are most welcome. Have a wonderful rest of Spring!

Post and pictures by Sumner Pinetree

Beef herd
A map recently created to help new people orient themselves on East Wind’s land. Thanks Beauxb!


  1. Hi Friends.
    I was wondering if you have any knowledge about communities similar to East Wind, that are located in one of the countries that are members of european union. And that accept new members.
    It’s hard to find out who is decent and who is not. There is BS everywhere… And on top of that, such communities are few in between, even in the country that is the size of US, moreover in EU.
    I hope to get a response from you soon. Thank’s in advance.

    All the best.

    • Hello, no I have no personal experience with communes in the EU. I have heard of communes in Germany, France, and Portugal. Perhaps ic.org could help direct you?
      Situations like East Wind are very few and far between, no doubt.

  2. Hi
    I am living in England and as a British citizen I wondered if I could visit with a view to full membership if accepted?
    Geoff Verrill

    • Hi Geoff, We require any member to have a Social Security number in order to become a member. So it is possible, but could be difficult depending on your circumstances.

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