Late Late Fall Update

It is three days before Winter Solstice and here I am writing an update on East Wind goings-ons during the Fall. Needless to say that lately, other things have been taking priority over this blog! Plenty of newsworthy events to mention and I’ve also published two new videos (one about making yogurt and one about cheesemaking).

Private bathtub room.

The showerhouse has been completed! This is a most welcome facility improvement that everyone appreciates. With a private shower room, a private giant bathtub room, a large public shower, a properly sized laundry area, and perhaps most importantly: eight large hot water heaters.

Public shower room.

After completing the showerhouse, the building maintenance crew didn’t rest long before installing a much needed new deck for Greyhaven dormitory.

Thanksgiving, or Feast Day, included three turkeys and all the sides you can dream of. Friends and family visited to share a meal and then enjoy music and other performances in the evening coffee house.

Jan preparing some spiced, roasted almonds.

The cold season is prime time for butchering. Two cows, three sheep, three pigs, and several deer have already been processed this season with much more to go.

The gardens are largely being put to rest for the winter. Spinach, kale, lettuce, tatsoi, arugula, and a number of other greens are both outside and in our hoophouse.

2018 garden crew saving dent corn seed for next season (this particular strain has been bred on East Wind’s land for seven years now). 
Garlic planting on a nice, sunny late November day.
Hoophouse just before the summer crops were removed.
Early December hoophouse, kale and spinach planted in the far right bed, rye and vetch cover crop next to it, and all the lettuces, tatsoi, arugula, etc. in the middle bed. To the far left onions have been planted (which will be transplanted in the spring).

Another year of good, homegrown food. Another year of profit sharing for every member. A new showerhouse! Meetings and plans concerning new buildings and improving infrastructure. All in all, I’d say this was another successful year for East Wind!

East Wind’s YouTube train is just starting to leave the station. I will be posting more videos throughout the winter. I will be stepping down as General Manager of our East Wind Nut Butters business next month and will be a garden manager along with ten year veteran Richard this upcoming growing season. Super stoked to share more from our gardens!

Fall Farm Summit at Flotsam Farm in October, thanks Amelia!
Bountiful carrot crop this year, most grown in memory.
Goodbye Fall!

Post and pictures by Sumner


  1. The Showerhouse is looking great! Glad that things are going well. I’m ecstatic that you are focusing on your goal of “Growing your own food,” You and Richard will make that garden the envy of the modern world.

    I will attentively stay tuned to the Youtube channel!

    With Love,


  2. Great job everybody.

    It looks amazing ! ! !


  3. Hello, my name is John Perkins. I’ve been trying to get in touch with you about the trademark for Utopian Sandals. I represent a small art gallery in South Carolina that would like to register UTOPIAN PRINTS for the sale of t-shirts, along with other printed art. We need your permission to move forward on the registration because you already have the term UTOPIAN registered. Can you please give me a call to discuss. I’m at 864-908-3900. Thanks.

  4. This looks like such an interesting lifestyle. I would love to be a part of it.
    I currently live in Los Angeles and the noise and busyness out here has taken a tole on my wellbeing.

    • Oh jeez, LA! I can imagine. I’ve had friends who lived out there, none of them lasted long. Fresh air and clean water is hard to beat!

  5. Hello my name is Aaron Hale I have sent numerous emails in Hope’s to hear back from someone about coming to visit for 4 years now to no avail.. who should I get ahold of?

  6. Greetings
    I am very Intersested in living with sustainable and conscious community. I’d like to know more about your community and also if there is a possibility to be a part of it .
    Thank you

  7. Sending you lots of good vibes and warm wishes from Indiana! It’s really good to ‘see’ the life and community you’re living together there. Just in the beginnings of searching for a community myself, to visit / transition into in the coming year, (a bit of a challenge at 55 it seems), and excited at the potential.

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