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Someone reached out to me via reddit and told me that WordPress was flagging them as a bot and none of their comments were getting through. I just went through the ‘Spam’ folder and found a bunch of comments (including my own!) that had been marked as spam and didn’t go through, they have now been marked as ‘Not Spam.’ WordPress changed something in their algorithms earlier this year I guess. I will try to keep tabs on the spam folder. If you are experiencing issues, please feel free to email directly.

Raining and cold here for a number of days now. I have five videos finished and I’ll be posting again soon, thanks everyone!




  1. 11-6-18
    good morning.
    I am reaching our to you about a family member who might of lived there in the 80’s. I remember going somewhere in southern Missouri near ark. to a place like yours. I was a cousin of my dads. he and his wife lived there with their kids. is there any way to find out if they are still there? my parents are passed and I am looking into our family history.
    here is my email address
    thank you
    Sarah Steinhardt Conner

    • They definitely do not still live here. Lots of people come through for a couple years, especially in the that time period. There may be some people here who remember them, possibly.

    • There’s an old Hebrew commune in Lebanon missouri…..

      Accepted a lot of people and families

      All the kids were homeschooled, way back, almost 20 years ago when I was up there.



  2. Hey Sumner,
    Just to let you know I enjoy reading your blog.
    Especially your posts on the birds of east wind.

    In the summer of 1975 We had an ornithologist visit and he took a bunch of us around the property and we located a lot of birds through their calls. I still remember finding a giant Kingfisher in a tree by Lick

    I’ve taken several courses on local birds in California and a “ birding by ear” course since then. Tho, by no means do I consider myself an expert birder.

    Thanks again,

    Derek / Sumac

    • What year did you come to East Wind? That is going way back!

      It is great to hear from another bird enthusiast. The belted kingfishers are still keeping Lick Creek lively with their sounds. Learning to identify birds by ear is very difficult, most especially the birds that don’t like to make themselves visible. I found a vinyl record here that has many songs of North American birds.

      Thanks for reading the blog!

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